Those who have high-quality, genuine leather handbags know that these bags will last for many years. However, it is essential to combine them in the right way so that do not need to change Your closet. 

Nowadays, the basic rule of fashion will appeal to those who are not interested in fashion – the rules do not exist. The combination of clothing and accessories has become very individual and creative freedom reigns here. Still, looking stylish and creating a complete image is quite a challenge, so it’s worth knowing a few principles that will shape your flair over time when choosing clothes and accessories.


When creating a stylish image, the question often arises – is it necessary to combine a handbag with shoes? For much of the history of fashion, the combination of handbags and footwear has been unquestioned, but today these two details of clothing can live separate lives. The most important thing to pay attention to is what will be the accent of your image – shoes or handbags? One of them should be brighter, and more extravagant, and the color may not be at all similar to the other attributes of the image.

Second, much simpler, method of adjustment, where the handbag and shoes do not pop out but blend harmoniously into the overall picture. In this case, they do not have to match their colors, it will be enough to match the shades both with each other and with the clothes. If the colors match, feel free to choose different skin textures. 

Knowing these ways to coordinate, still don’t feel confident about your choices? It is worth remembering that everything is much simpler when we do not avoid the word “classic”. It’s not about old-fashioned choices. Classics – timeless shapes, details, and colors. So, one of the easiest accessories is a brown handbag.

Images by Laura Jade Stone.


Black color handbags have been called the most versatile accessory for decades. Times are changing and now it is worth turning the ramp light on brown handbags that are perfect for various situations. However, we are free to choose them both that we feel great with it. Here are some options on how to easily match a brown, leather handbag. 

Probably everyone finds a pair of blue jeans and a white blouse in every closet. So, a brown handbag (or backpack) goes perfectly with them.

Image by Caroline Daur
Image by Steffy's Style

Perfect not only for leisure but also for work, school or university.

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Natural fabrics, white clothes and Your image will be completed by a brown handbag. This kind of look is real salvation on a hot summer day.

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Image by Vivian Hoorn
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If Your closet dominates black clothes, diversify your wardrobe with a brown handbag. It doesn’t jump out and, unlike with a black handbag, doesn’t distort the silhouette.

Brown is the color of earth and clay, so you can easily match it with other earthy colors and shades.

Image by Lava Flow

The handbag is one of the most important details of clothing. It is an accessory that completes the image or becomes the main accent of Your look. Even when wearing more modest clothes and matching a suitable handbag, the value of the image increases several times. 

At the same time, a poor-quality handbag can ruin your entire look. It is not for nothing that Genevieve Antoine Dariaux writes in her book A Guide to Elegance: “It is always necessary to think carefully about what accessories you need and never impulsively buy items that will not find a place in your well-matched wardrobe. The saying “I can’t afford cheap things” is a sacred truth!