Leather care

Vegetable tanned leather is known for its durability and rich patina that develops over time.


You might have heard of “vegetable tanned leather” and wonder what exactly it is. It is a type of leather that is tanned using natural tannins found in trees or plants, instead of chemicals like chrome. Vegetable-tanning is the world’s leather oldest-making tradition, and it is a process that has been perfected over generations in Italy.Compared to synthetically treated leather, vegetable tanned leather is considered qualitative higher, lasts longer and is definitively more environmentally friendly. Because it takes at least 28 times longer to make,vegetable-tanned leather only makes up roughly 10% of all leather available today and is more expensive.

Today, 90% of all leather goods are made using chrome or mineral tanning, a leather-making process that uses synthetic tannins. At first glance, consumers may think this softer leather is of higher quality, but it won’t have the same life span. Instead, the long and slow traditional techniques used in vegetable-tanning processes allow the leather to soften and develop the most beautiful patina as it ages.

Lava flow’s Italian sourced vegetable-tanned leather meets a set of specific standards to verify it as authenticand using all-natural raw materials. If you want to explore more in-depth information on vegetable tanned leather, click here.

We only source certified prime quality and ethically raised bovine leather, ensuring that every single piece meets our design, quality and sustainability values. Through time and care, your bag becomes a truly one of a kind - with stories to tell.


Storing your leather appropriately is one of the easiest ways you can prevent damage and maintain a high-quality finish:  store leather away from direct sunlight as this can cause fading; store your handbag in Lava flow’s dust bag to avoid scratches; avoid using plastic bags, they prevent good ventilation; and finally, store leather away from artificial sources of heat, e.g. radiators can cause leather to dry and crack.


Following just a few simple rules, you can avoid unnecessary wear and tear and extend the life of your accessories for years.

To remove dirt, build-up by wiping down with a soft applicator, and then begin the conditioning process. For the applicator, we recommend a cotton cloth.

The leather can dry out over the time. So, to moisturize the leather is very important. To prevent dryness and wrinkling, take a bit of conditioner on a soft applicator and rub gently all over.

One of our favorite leather conditioner is PALC, which You can buy at our shop HERE. That’s it. The natural properties in this balm will simulate and supplement the natural oils of leather and will help to keep your bag in the best shape.

If the leather gets wet, let the water spills dry naturally. High-heat devices like using a hairdryer will only cause the leather to crinkle and dry out.