Leather care

Our products are made of genuine leather. It is essential to treat them with proper care and carefulness. Complying with the rules below ensures that our products will serve you for many years. Before using we recommend:

  • To impregnate the bag. Please use the universal care product (spray). The impregnation will increase the durability of your bag and will ensure that the colour (paint) of the leather stays where it should stay.

  • Do not keep the bag in the direct sun, heat or humidity for a long time. If you are not carrying the bag it is best to keep the bag in the closet in the paper or fabric bag. It is recommended to stuff the bag in order it would not loose it’s form. It is not recommended to keep the genuine leather bag in the plastic bags or wet premises (e.g. cellar) for a long time.

  • It is not possible to clean the pen spots or denim marks (in case denim fabric is colouring) from the genuine leather; therefore you should be very careful with pens and denim.

  • Please keep the bag away from oils and direct contact with cosmetics as it might be impossible to clean these kind of spots. In case you get the oily spot on your bag, you can try to clean it by putting salt on the spot and leaving it during the night as salt might absorb the oil.

  • Do not use aggressive – acid or high chlorine amounts containing care products and cleaning products containing strong chemicals. We recommend to clean the bag with cleaning products specifically balanced for leather products (please make sure you use the right product in case your bag is made from mat leather) or simple water.

  • During time the places were the parts of the bag are bent leather might get wrinkles and become softer.

  • If the product gets damped or wet, please do not place it near a strong source of heat such as a radiator or a heater. The best solution in such a case is to stuff the bag with paper, preferably newspaper, and let it dry in the place at room temperature (exactly the same procedure as in the case of preservation of leather shoes).