Lava Flow is getting bigger

The start of Lava Flow business began from a handbag I sewed for myself six years ago. Today, my dream is to expand my business and enter the market to our neighbor Poland. A few years ago, I met Alicja, the founder of Alana brand which has been operating for nine years in Poland. We became friends and shared experiences. Today, Alana and Lava Flow united with a mission to share same values and experiences for even broader community.

A huge challenge

We have been talking about merging for some time, and the right time to implement it has come when Alicja decided to take a different path – the path of an interior designer. 

This union is a big and much-awaited step forward for me. For a while now, I’ve felt like I’m stuck at a point where I’m not improving when everything’s going in the same circle. I grow Lava Flow alone and do everything here myself, it is not easy, and expanding into another market, in general, is a huge and unknown challenge, but it will be exciting path of growth for both Lava Flow and myself.



Buy less, choose well, make it last – the value motto on which my brand is built.

I have never followed fast fashion trends. For me, the most important thing is sustainable and time-resistant products that, with proper care, will last longer. Sustainability, quality, and durability – are priorities on which Lava Flow is based. This is also reflected in the products I create – minimalism, classic models, not “screaming”, but earthy, universal colors that fit with everything.

These values apply to the products I create and the suppliers and partners I choose to work with. I am constantly looking for ideas on how to preserve nature and contribute to reducing climate change, so I choose to work only with those with whom our values coincide, and Alicja is one of them. Well, what kind of news can you expect soon? I’ll let you know that I’ve been improving the technique of making handmade shoes for some time and I hope that soon I will be able to offer not only handbags but also shoes to my customers who value quality and sustainability.

All the best,