How To Order

  1. Press „add to basket“ (If You wish to order more products, the products you have already chosen will stay saved in your basket).
  2. After you add all wanted products, press the cart button in the right top corner of the website.
  3. Next, You can review Your basker or go straight at the Checkout.
  4. Choose delivery method you prefer and enter your personal data (please, enter correct data as we would need to contact you for unexpected problems).
  5. Be sure to enter correct delivery address especially post code. (The order won‘t be delivered on time or will fail to reach you unless your address is correct).
  6. After entered correct data, choose payment method, agree with terms and conditions and press “Place an order”.
  7. After placing an order you will receive email onfirmation.

Payment Methods

You can choose the most convenient way to pay: Paysera banklink systems, Paypal, Visa or Mastercard.

Terms of Use

In our e-commerce store www.lavaflow.lt customers can shop as individual customer or as a legal person.

If you wish to shop as a legal person, please fill in all the details as an individual buying and also add your company‘s details needed in additional notes when placing an order.

Customer below 18 should have their parents or guardians approval. 

Customers are responsible for their entered data.

  1. While placing an order, customer should enter correct delivery address, which is needed not only for delivery purposes, but also for invoice
  2. While placing and order it is important to enter correct customer‘s phone number for delivery and order information purposes
  3. If customer enters incorrent data, customer‘s ability to use www.lavaflow.lt site can be limited.
  4. If customer enters incorrect data, www.lavaflow.lt is not responsible for possible delivery issues, our company can also require to cover additional delivery charges if data was placed incorrectly by the customer

www.lavaflow.lt has a right to:

  1. Correct data on the page: products, products descriptions, prices and terms of rules. After the new www.lavaflow.lt terms of use are published, they come into effect right away
  2. Limit customers abilities to use site if they doesn‘t follow terms of use
  3. Request to cover delivery charges if client cancels already shipped order
  4. Request according to Lithuanian Republic civil code 6.367 article, that products will be returned in customers expense.

Our Company details

We operate as a company and these are the details:

Company name: MB Lava flow
Company code: 305681922
Address: Gedimino g. 7-1, Marijampolė, Lithuania
+370 638 27860